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Our All In One Data Display Solutions For Retail Digital Signage

Data Display brings state-of-the-art, engineered solutions to enhance the projects of 4 types of clients:
– Display manufacturers
– Agencies
– Brands
– Retailers.

In other words, you design the retail digital signage experience, and Data Display will give it the POP.

Since our founding in 1969, captivating and engaging shoppers through technology has been our focus, from concept to components – for retail, consumer products, military & other displays.  For over 50 years, the highly-rated Data Display engineering team story has been the backbone of our success story.  Call us to help make your projects more successful, as well.

Our single-source, conveniently located data display solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Data Display’s headquarters houses our U.S. engineering department, testing facilities, assembly lines, warehousing, and more.  Your one-stop: we provide ideas, solutions, components, customer service, and analytics more quickly than any other resource in the industry.

As we look to the future of retail, Data Display’s Retail Digital Signages, and POPViewSM systems empower brands and retailers to digitally control, manage, update and analyze their retail displays around the city or around the world; from a single point, wherever you might be.  There is nothing else in the industry like it.

Case Study: Interactive Retail Displays Increase Sales!

Retail SmartPOP Digital Signage from data display systems


How to make products stand out in busy big box stores? LIGHTING!  Data Display worked with the brand’s team to engineer this colorful, dynamic lighting system, coordinating captivating RGB lighting control and color transitions.  We then delivered the quality SmartPOPTM component systems to be installed into their displays.


Significant sales increased for the brand, and our display house client received a SHOP!POP Award for lighting.

So, bring us into your conversation.  Please contact Data Display System today, and let’s discuss your project. Email: or call: 800-220-1270.

Our Innovative Tools for POP Retail Digital Signage


Vibrant lighting selection & options. Touch screens, too

data display and interactive retail display


Proprietary WAV audio for industry-leading sound

interactive retail display systems


Advanced touch & lift technology with analytics

innovate with data display system


Cutting-edge touchless engagement with A/B testing

touchless engagement with interactive retail display


POPViewSM, the most advanced content management & analytics in the industry

Retail Digital Signage

Data Display is the brain behind the POP.

Engineered & tested in Philadelphia, PA USA

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Data Display Systems LLC provides the technology, systems, components and analytics behind state-of-the-art retail displays.  We are “the brain behind the POPTM.  From our single source in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Data Display engineers, tests and supplies cutting edge lighting, sound, sensor, touch and touchless systems for ultimate consistency and reliability.  Our clients – display houses, brands and retailers – have won many top industry awards using our innovative technology and ideas.  Our proprietary POPViewSM system is a leader in retail display content management and analytics. So, bring us into your project planning conversation.  Please contact Data Display today, and let’s discuss maximizing the retail experience you envision. Email: or call: 800-220-1270.