Industry Pioneers

Since 1968, our expertise in technology is five decades in the making. The highly rated Data Display engineering team is the backbone of our success story.

Exceptional Reliability

Data Display engineers, builds & tests in the United States. Our engineering department and testing facilities are all located at our Philadelphia, PA Headquarters.

Single Source Solution

Your one stop: we provide ideas, solutions, components, customer service and analytics more quickly than any other resource in the industry. More importantly, we provide dependability.


Data Display is a leading technology company focused on adding value to our clients. Our mission is based on a unique fusion of technology and market intelligence.

Since our founding in 1968, cutting edge technology has been our focus, from concept to components – for retail, consumer products, military and business-to-business markets.

As we look to the future, Data Display’s technology and systems empower businesses to digitally control, manage, update and analyze business experiences around the city or around the world; from one single point.


Data Display is innovative in an evolutionary way.
We incorporate advanced technology to:

  • Design and manufacture electronic hardware and software without the need for partners
  • Streamline the overall development process to eliminate the lack of accountability and ensure hardware and software platforms work in harmony
  • We maintain in-house electronic hardware and software capabilities which allows us to value engineer any development project and maximize the experience while keeping a close eye on total costs
  • Since we are an end-to-end solution provider, our clients benefit from no added or hidden margins which drive up project and product development costs

The technology components and analytics, engineered by Data Display, has been utilized by the following global brands among others: