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The World’s Most Advanced Remote Display Management System

Remote display systems empower brands and retailers to control their Point-Of-Purchase display program remotely, whether operating from around the city or around the world, all from your single source online. You’ll be able to easily upload and change content, music, lighting levels and more, on a display-by-display basis, from your computer or phone. Retail display manufacturers of POPViewSM will even tell you whether last night’s cleaning crew unplugged one display, so you can get it working again sooner rather than later!

Best of all, retail POPViewSM display manufacturers provide the most robust, in-depth real-time data compilation and reporting of any content management system (CMS) in the industry today. It can tell you when shoppers engage, how long they engage, count them, count them by region, note their most-watched information, and much more. Plus, knowledgeable 24/7 support is with you all the way.

There is nothing like the POPViewSM remote display system. It is truly the future of retail content management, and it’s only available through Data Display.

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Case Study: CCM Hockey Retail Display System

retail display manufacturers of Data Display Systems


CCM Hockey (CCM), a leading hockey equipment brand, was looking for new ways to develop a display that combined visual, tactile, and up-to-date regional messaging to captivate and engage shoppers. CCM wanted to capture and analyze consumer feature interest and data to increase in-store and online sales and enhance customer loyalty. Additionally, CCM wanted to efficiently know the uptime of their displays in real-time and change content on a regional basis through a centralized solution.

As consumers interacted with products, sensor technology captured and reported display engagement and consumer shopping patterns. Data Display’s POPViewSM remote display management system empowered CCM to monitor system health, push unique content to users in different geographic locations, and conduct A/B split testing in over 200 stores throughout North America.


Because CCM was able to modify content and increase display uptime, it improved its on-line messaging on a regional basis resulting in a more effective return on investment for their overall marketing budget.

Let POPViewSM Displays Give You Predictive Retail Analytics To Maximize Your Business Profits

Remote Display System
“Uh oh, our display is unplugged in Dubai.”
Retail Display Manufacturers
“Play country music in Nashville.  Pop in Minneapolis”
Data Display Systems predictive retail analytics
“Time for a new ad campaign”
Data Display Systems retail display analytics
“Provide quarterly display analytics, compared with product sales.”
Data Display Systems POP data analytics in retail
“Which product information is most important to customers?”

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Data Display Systems LLC provides the technology, systems, components and analytics behind state-of-the-art retail displays.  We are “the brain behind the POPTM.  From our single source in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Data Display engineers, tests and supplies cutting edge lighting, sound, sensor, touch and touchless systems for ultimate consistency and reliability.  Our clients – display houses, brands and retailers – have won many top industry awards using our innovative technology and ideas.  Our proprietary POPViewSM system is a leader in retail display content management and analytics. So, bring us into your project planning conversation.  Please contact Data Display today, and let’s discuss maximizing the retail experience you envision. Email: or call: 800-220-1270.