Only LobbyTECH has the SmartVIEW, business intelligence system, so you can know your building’s status with a glance at its informative dashboard.

LobbyTech compliance technology answers the need to protect your company, workforce and visitors in an ever changing business environment. Data Display is a complete solutions provider supporting the hardware, software and back-end system with full control from development to the manufacturing process.

Compliance Technology tackling todays needs:

  • Lobby and business entry reception & visitor management
  • Health & vaccine monitoring & compliance
  • In-facility monitoring and tracking

Who uses LobbyTech?

  • Office Buildings
  • Factories
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Many Others

Product Benefits:

Facial Recognition

Register from a phone or computer prior to scheduled appointment

Access Control

Open door locking mechanisms or turnstyles with a passed screening.

Legal Documents & NDA

Have visitors review and required documents prior to their appointment

Temperature Screening

Get accurate readings without personal contact

Visitor Badge Printing

Print personalized visitor badges for security and easy identification

Emergency Notifications

Send alert notifications via email, text and your LobbyTECH Screen.

Visitor Screening

Utilize yes/no questions to aid in screening high risk individuals.

Safety Video

Require visitors/employees to watch a safety video or other instructional video for building access

Delivery Notifications

Instant email or text notifications for food or other door-to-door delivery services


Complete screening process prior to visit, scan QR code upon arrival.

Vaccination Tracker

Keep track of employee and visitor vaccination status.

Touchless Sign-In

Combine pre-registration QR code and contactless temp scanning for a touchless experience.

Integrates with:

and more!