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Make Data Display your trusted resource for quality retail display components delivered through a dependable supply chain that has been proven reliable over 50 years.

SmartPOP™ quality retail display components, by Data Display, provide cutting edge technology solutions that are engineered and tested in the U.S.A.

When you need to bring in your project on time and on budget, specify SmartPOP™ components and systems:

– Dependable video screens of all sizes available with built-in Android media player, simple SD card player or standard HDMI monitor
– Touch technology (both PCAP and IR) available
– Open frame or enclosed housing
– Optional touchless overlays or touchless buttons
– State-of-the-art LED’s & lighting
– Sophisticated audio players
– Precision motors
– And more.

Bring us into your display conversation.  Together, let’s explore how Data Display will be more advantageous for your retail display. Please contact Data Display today and let’s discuss your project. Email: sales@dd-usa.com or call: 800-220-1270.

Case Study: 
Looks AND Brains
FITBIT Bulks Up Profits With Analytics


Data Display worked with the display house to help launch 10,000 displays globally to mark the announcement of Fitbit going public. Data Display engineers designed our custom SmartPOP™ video and lighting systems to communicate and enhance the product story. They were then tested at our US headquarters.


The displays continued to generate results for 4+ years thanks to at least 4 content changes delivered remotely. Zero product failures.

All Retail Display Components
Are Engineered & Tested
In The U.S.A.


  • Digital, Optical (Toslink) and Analog audio outputs
  • High Resolution Audio
  • Up to 6 speakers, headphones or soundbars per PCB Personal Audio Device (PAD) input
  • LED Lighting control
  • USB power outputs
  • Push Button, Rotary Encoder, Membrane and Capacitive Keypad Activation options
  • Compact Audio/Sound Effects Module


  • Full Line Of Cost-Effective Android Built-In Screens In A Wide Variety Of Sizes
  • Super Clean Cabling Solution, No Expensive External Media Player Boxes
  • Can Be Easily Programmed For Stand-Alone Operation (USB Stick Updates), Or Connected To A Remote Content Management System  Over The Internet
  • All Have Built-In Memory (No Paying Extra For Expensive Class 10 SD Cards)
  • Industry-Standard Android Operating System (vs Proporietary OS)
  • Industry Leading Built-In I/O For Buttons, Motion Sensors, LED’s, GPIO, RS232, USB
  • Available In Touch And Non-Touch, Enclosed And Open Frame  In Each Size
  • Also Available “Bar Style” Monitors (aka Shelf Edge) In 23”, 35”, 37” and 42”
  • Connects To A Family Of High-Performance Audio Player Boards
  • Full Line Of Cost-Effective Android-Based 4K Media Player- Programmed By Data Display To Meet Your Requirements


  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • RFID Tag Activation
  • Magnetic Switch Activation
  • Push Button Activation
  • Touchless Wave Buttons 
  • Motion Sensors 


  • LED Flexible and Rigid Strips in a variety of colors
  • RGB LED Flexible and Rigid Strips with controller box and remote control
  • LED Light Panels, custom sizes and shapes
  • Button Flashers
  • Battery Operated options
  • Motion Activation options


  • LED Flip-Frame, available in custom sizes
  • LED Magnetic Frame, available in custom sizes
  • LED Frameless Fabric Light Box
  • LED Sequentially Lit Sign Displays
  • Programmable Count-down/Count-up Digital Clocks
  • Digital Moving Message
  • Pricers


  • External Speakers 
  • Plastic and Metal Push Buttons
  • Custom Designed Push Buttons
  • Custom Membrane and Capacitive Keypads
  • RFID Tags
  • Magnetic/Hall Effect Sensors  
  • Motion Sensors with programmable Control Boards
  • Power and Stereo Cables
  • Small DC Motors
  • Barcode and RFID Scanners
  • Battery options
  • AC/DC Power Adapters


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Data Display Systems LLC provides the technology, systems, components and analytics behind state-of-the-art retail displays.  We are “the brain behind the POPTM.  From our single source in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Data Display engineers, tests and supplies cutting edge lighting, sound, sensor, touch and touchless systems for ultimate consistency and reliability.  Our clients – display houses, brands and retailers – have won many top industry awards using our innovative technology and ideas.  Our proprietary POPViewSM system is a leader in retail display content management and analytics. So, bring us into your project planning conversation.  Please contact Data Display today, and let’s discuss maximizing the retail experience you envision. Email: sales@dd-usa.com or call: 800-220-1270.