Advanced Sensor Technology Protects Employees While It Protects Your Company

Temperature Screening After COVID-19

Health Screening Kiosk system provides a safer environment by detecting contagious diseases, like the flu, among the health care employees. Data Display system’s Health Screening Kiosk has features like temperature screening and proximity sensors to advance the screening process in the post-pandemic world. Sensors recognize the employees and display the contents.

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Amidst health challenges, many companies are checking employees’ and guests’ temperature and other symptoms upon entry to the workplace, in order to protect the greater workforce and the company. Although that is an important step in protection, it doesn’t quite protect the company as well as it should. Uneven testing standards, together with lack of record-keeping can potentially create liability for your company in the future.

7 Ways Data Display System’s Health Screening Kiosk Provides Your Company Superior Protection

  1. It provides a consistent protocol of monitoring.
  2. It provides a consistent quality standard of monitoring.
  3. It provides a deeper survey of health questions.
  4. By requiring hand sanitization, each employee and guest sanitizes prior to entering the workplace for a more healthful environment.
  5. It keeps track of employee and visitor records for future reference.
  6. It permits your company to update and deliver a daily message to employees and guests.
  7. It complies with HIPAA privacy rules.

Data Display’s Health Screener Compliance Kiosk is one of the most advanced screeners available today because it combines a broad range of sensor technologies, together with Data Display’s cutting edge technology, and with our exclusive content management system (CMS).

Here’s How Health Care Kiosks Work:

  • Employees or guests step up to the kiosk.
  • Motion sensors trigger message to sanitize hands before proceeding to the next step.
  • ID badge is scanned
  • Covid-related health questions are asked.
  • Forehead is scanned for temperature.
  • Messaging appears welcoming persons or, if a high temperature is registered, asking them to wait for a secondary screening.
  • Records for each scan are saved.